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The difference between an average looking lawn, and a healthy, weed free, vibrant lawn is one word: CARE!

The difference between most lawn care companies and MY LAWN GUY is the fact that we care!

My Lawn Guy’s timely visits, custom programs, knowledgeable specialists, and focus on the care of your lawn, makes all the difference to your lawns success! We are “Your lawn care service that CARES!”
A green lawn is what you expect. Our slow-release fertilization program provides a balanced blend of nutrients that your lawn will love! So will you!

A weed free lawn is what you’d like. Our timely visits allow us to monitor for weeds and (if needed) treat them where they are growing. We practice I.P.M. (Integrated Pest Management). We will not apply products because “it’s that time of year”. We apply where and when necessary.

A healthy lawn is what is needed. Our focus is on the care of your lawn. Your lawn is a lot like you! When you’re healthy, you can fight off colds easier, you feel great, and (you feel like) you can do just about anything! When your lawn is healthy, it can fight off certain diseases easier, it responds better to stress (heat and drought), and it provides you with comfort, beauty, and years of enjoyment!

Check out other reasons why you should “Love your lawn!”

We know what it takes to give you the lawn that you expect, the lawn that you’d like (and hopefully love!), and what is needed to do so.

Let MY LAWN GUY care for your lawn! You can contact us today by filling out our on-line contact form, or simply calling our toll-free number: 1-888-738-0004. You have nothing to lose. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Isn’t it time you had the lawn you’ve always wanted?

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