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My Lawn Guy
is a Professional Lawn Care Service.

We take GREAT pride, and pleasure in providing our professional lawn care services throughout Northeastern Massachusetts!

Our focus is on the care of your lawn! That’s what makes us "Your lawn care service that CARES!"


We care for your lawn by...

- using only the best professional products in the industry.
- being an environmentally responsible lawn care company.
- monitoring for pests, diseases, and improper cultural practices.
- hiring licensed and trained specialists.
- treating your lawn as if it were our own.
We understand what it takes to have a healthy lawn. We will inform you of the best time to water your lawn. We’ll let you know the proper height to mow your lawn at. We’ll provide you with the most beneficial cultural practices for that season. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the most recent problems and concerns that affect your lawn and landscape. In summary, we will be your lawn care service that cares!

With over 20 years of lawn and landscape experience, knowledge, and “down in the dirt…. hands-on… hard earned skills”, we know what it takes to give you the lawn you’ll be proud of! The lawn that you and your neighbors will enjoy! The lawn that you’ll love!

We believe that not all lawns are created equal! Some lawns require more attention than others. That’s why we provide custom lawn care programs. Your lawn may be more compacted than your neighbors. We’ll let you know if it is, then we’ll recommend a solution, such as core aeration. Your lawn’s P.H. may not be balanced. One solution may be a granular lime treatment. We can help.

If your lawn has a problem that needs to be addressed, we’ll evaluate the problem and then provide the best possible solution. We have had the opportunity and pleasure to care for many lawns throughout the years.

We understand what it takes to have a healthy lawn.

We look forward to the opportunity to care for your lawn! Please contact us TODAY for your FREE Expert Lawn Evaluation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You have nothing to lose.

Isn’t it time you had the lawn you’ve always wanted?

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