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Lawn Care… that’s what we do!

My Lawn Guy offers custom lawn care programs. Our company’s mission is to provide professional lawn care services throughout North Eastern Massachusetts in a responsible manner. We focus on the overall health of your lawn. We’ll green it up. We’ll take care of the weeds and insects. We’ll use caution and care during each visit. We’ll apply only the finest professional products in the industry.
We will be “Your lawn care service that CARES!”

It all begins with a visit that won’t cost you a thing.

Our FREE Expert Lawn Evaluation is an analysis of your lawns grass varieties, weeds and insects, density, problem areas, disease activity, and more! This lets you know just what’s going on in your lawn, and what can be done about it.

* We apply complete balanced fertilizations at the right time of the year for your lawns health. We’ll visit your property about every six weeks. And we will evaluate your lawns overall condition. We’ll let you know how you’re doing! How often your lawn should be mowed. How much water it requires. Whether or not your lawnmower’s blades need to be sharpened. We’ll update you on the latest cultural practices for your lawns health, and much more! We will monitor for weeds and insects. Then we will treat according to your lawn’s custom program that fits your lawn’s needs.

We offer all-nutrient programs as well. This provides the lawn with essential nutrients without using any pesticides. It’s safe and effective. Most fertilizers are slow-releasing, and will not harm the lawn during hot, dry months. In fact, these applications will benefit your lawn when it is coming out of summer dormancy (if you choose to stop watering, or can’t water due to a ban in your area). These fertilizers are broken down during a passing shower, or on the days that you are allowed to water. Not having the nutrients that your lawn requires can put your lawn under even further unnecessary stress.

* We also offer an ORGANIC lawn care program. Our treatments are safe for you, your family, and the environment. With our ORGANIC approach, we can enhance the microbial activity in your soil. My Lawn Guy’s ORGANIC program will not completely rid your lawn of weeds and insects. However, our focus is on encouraging the health of your soil, building a thicker lawn that will eventually crowd out weeds, and provides you with peace of mind. If it’s ORGANIC lawn care that you want, look no further than My Lawn Guy, LLC.

But, that’s not all we do…

We can also give you a brand new lawn! Plus, we offer other services as well. Our beneficial services might be just what your property needs!

Contact us TODAY and begin enjoying the many benefits a healthy lawn can provide.

Thanks for choosing My Lawn Guy! “Your lawn care service that CARES!”


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