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“Grass is what saves and holds the water that keeps life good and going… It keeps the falling rain from flushing away. Blades of grass take water from the air and transpire it into the ground. That works the other way around too. Because grass blades help put water back into the air so that rain can fall again.”

~ President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)


There are MANY benefits that a healthy lawn provides us. It would be very difficult to imagine a world without turfgrass. Can you picture playing ball in the desert? How about throwing the Frisbee to your dog, only for him to leap in the air and land on pavement? OUCH!
Did you know: (some interesting facts on turfgrass)

- A well maintained landscape adds 15 percent to a home’s value.
- There are about 8 million plants in an average lawn of 10,000 square feet.
- A single grass plant can have 387 miles of roots! That means that beneath the average lawn there is about 3 BILLION miles of roots!
- Grass is estimated to trap some 12 million tons of dust and dirt from the air annually.
- Smoke is also trapped in part by turfgrass leaves so that it does not re-enter the air we breathe.
- Grass requires carbon dioxide to survive. In exchange, it replaces that carbon dioxide with oxygen! That works out pretty well for us, doesn’t it!
- One area of grass, just 50 feet by 50 feet, generates enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four. Grass makes for a truly efficient carbon dioxide/oxygen converter.
- One of the many benefits of turfgrasses is their ability to trap and hold rainfall better than most surfaces, thereby reducing water loss by runoff.
- Healthy lawns absorb rainfall six times more effectively than a wheat field, and four times better than a hay field.
- Research has shown that the best way to keep nutrients out of our water resources is to maintain healthy grass. A Cornell University study has shown that a healthy, properly fertilized lawn is the best protection against possible nitrogen leaching into water. In other words, a healthy lawn may be viewed as a protective shield against environmental concerns.
- The front lawns of just 8 average houses provide the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning.
- Well-maintained lawns surrounding a building serve as a fire-fighting buffer and will not sustain fires as dense, woody vegetation may.
- There are many, many more benefits of turfgrass.

In summary, turfgrasses play an important part in sustaining a healthy ecological balance between people and their environment.

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*The above information was provided by the Professional Lawn Care Association of America, and The University of Georgia’s “Principles of Turfgrass Management” study course.
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