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My Lawn Guy has over 20 years experience in the lawn and landscape field.

We provide the following “extra” services that will benefit your lawn and landscape.

Core Aeration ~ Aeration is one of THE single most beneficial services for your lawn. Mechanical aeration actually removes small plugs (cores) throughout your lawn. These new holes that are made provide passageways for air, water, and nutrients. Once air and water can more easily reach your lawn’s root system, your lawn’s roots become larger and stronger. They are strengthened over time, and the larger, stronger roots make your grass thicker, and much more stress resistant.
Other benefits of aerating your lawn:
~ Aeration reduces compacted soils. ~ Allows for more efficient watering and fertilizing.
~ Aeration enhances root growth. ~ Enriches surface soil. ~ Decreases water run-off.

Over Seeding
~ A great time to incorporate new grass varieties into your lawn is immediately following core aeration. The aeration loosens up the soil, and gives new plants some room to grow. It is an economical way to have a “new lawn” within your existing lawn.

Slice-Seeding ~ If it’s a “brand new lawn” you are looking for, then you’ve come to the right place! Slice-seeding your existing old, tired, beat-up, weed and insect damaged lawn can be done at a fraction of the cost of re-sodding it! We use the best equipment in the industry, as well as the proper grass varieties that your lawn requires.


Poison Ivy Control
~ “What do you get when you cross poison ivy with clover? A rash of bad luck!” We will take care of that persistent nuisance that could cause skin irritation to you or your family. If we spot it in your yard, we’ll let you know what we can do to control it. Through proper timing and treatment, we have had great success eliminating this troublesome weed.

Disease Control ~ We will monitor for lawn diseases and let you know the best method for preventing and curing the disease.

Bed Weed Preventative ~ This should be done in early spring, or just after the existing weeds have been removed in your landscape beds.

Landscape Consultation ~ We’re not just your lawn care experts! With over 20 years of lawn and landscape experience, we would be happy to discuss what plants work best in your landscape. We also work closely with landscape professionals throughout North Eastern Massachusetts. We refer only the best!

And MORE! We offer a wide range of landscape services.

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